Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to my comic - Part 1 googleplex

Things are looking pretty good; my Commando 3 project at work is finally starting to wrap up, the sun's is shining amazingly and I've been getting some good nights of sleep. It's time for me to get back to doing what I love the best: comics!

Sadly though, I seem to always have a bunch of postings that are exactly like this. I work on my comic book, some big thing totally gets me off track, and come back to it again (and have a hard time doing it). I keep trapping myself in this artistically unhealthy pattern of start and stop. I really need to be more consistent with setting aside drawing time for myself. Anyway, for now my schedule's back to normal. And checking in on my comic after half a year or so reveals this: I haven't done anything. Nada, zip, zilch. I suck.

So, to kick start my return, I did two very expensive things: 1) buy a smokin' new computer and 2) buy a 20 inch Cintique. Now, while this has lead me to live like a miser and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches three meals in a row (okay maybe just two!), I have to say it's definitely eased me back into comics creation quite painlessly. What can I say? The Cintique rocks!

To warm me back up to my comic book I drew a little pin-up of my character:

Yep. I think she's noticed that I've been gone too. I'm a little wobbly with my line work, but with some practice I think I can do my second issue all digital. Anyway, I'm back! And I'm setting a new deadline for myself! Again! Here it is: My comic book totally finished by the end of this year! From colors to letters to a brand spankin' new cover! Bring it on! ...and gulp!
And before I leave, I thought I might post a totally random (and yet awesome) picture a friend of mine took awhile ago when the Osamu Tezuka exhibition came to town.

I have to admit, I look like a total doof in the picture, but considering I'm high fiving Astro boy, my nerdness is quite appropriate. If I can even channel a fraction of Tezuka's energy into my comic book I think I'd be very happy! Alright, I'm out for now! Good night and God bless you. Easter is coming!
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