Sunday, December 06, 2015

Being a DC fan in the Marvel Age: Not liking the "fan's" BVS (fixed) trailer


I'm kinda tired of 'fans' fixing things. Man of Steel got it's colors 'fixed' by some guys on the internet a few months back (I won't even mention their name or link you to it... that's how much I disagree with them). And now there's a 'fixed' version making the rounds about the Batman v Superman trailer. I disagree with that too.

I liked Jesse Eisenberg's Luthor and also seeing Doomsday. To get rid of those two, diminishes a few things that trailer did. We got to see a good amount of screen time with the main characters of the movie. I was really impressed that I got to see Luthor, Kent and Wayne interact with each other and I got a grasp of who they were. I got to see the acting chops of everybody and I really liked it.

The Star Wars and Civil War trailers (granted it's just the first trailer for Civil War) don't really have any of this. That's fine. But I felt BVS gave me much more acting than those two did, and I'm really thankful for it. So no, I don't agree with cutting out Eisenberg's scene or even displacing it from the main chunk it was from in the original. By displacing that clip of Luthor with Clark and Bruce, it disjoints the flow of that scene as well as limiting my appreciation of it.

The Doomsday reveal was AWESOME. And a Jaw dropper. And I still remember how absolutely hyped I felt seeing it. Cut that out and the trailer would be not as amazing of an experience. The fixed version just made him a roar at the end without any visuals. I think as a viewer I would be confused seeing this (without hindsight) and think... "Why and Batman and Superman fighting a dinosaur!" Oh, I can image the amount of hate and ridicule people would give it already! Clips of Jurassic World and Chris Pratt edited into it by 'fans', or Godzilla stomping through the scene.

So no, I don't agree with that part of the 'fixed' version either. The Wonder Woman reveal scene got cut as well. What happened with the fixed version is that it just made Wonder Woman not much of a presence in the trailer. She was treated like an afterthought. That was possibly my favorite scene in the entire trailer and to chop that into a little clip of her (that looked like an image of her we've seen previously), makes that clip... almost pointless and not as awesome of a treatment of Wonder Woman's first appearance to the public. That was a statement, really that the original cut made loud and clear; to all the haters that were unsure of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: have no fear, she's awesome.

Nope, I don't agree at all with any of the 'fixed' changes at all. The fixed changes wouldn't have amped people up for this movie like the real one did. In fact, nobody would really be talking about it. Which, is not what a trailer should do.

When I say 'fans', I mean people that hate on the trailers but qualify themselves as still wanting to see it, as if they're doing it a favor. "I don't want to seem like a stuck up, judgemental hater, so I'm going to pretend I'm still going to watch it even though I've torn this movie to shreds before I've seen it."

With the amount of hate tossed around by those same 'fans', why bother watching it? If you hate it so much, no one's forcing you to watch it. In fact, don't watch it, don't try to backpedal. Just support what you like and love, and don't waste your time with stuff you hate.

The 'fixed' trailer is not exciting at all. Good job making it boring, 'fixed'-trailer-people.

Okay, enough ranting. Time to show my support!

Really rough sketch, no real need for details.
No need for composition too at the beginning.
I'd just deal with that later on.
I just went straight to inks with manga studio. The brush
type name eludes me, but it's one of my favorites in manga
studio. It's just the stock brush, but it has this rough quality about
it that frees me from being so precious about ever line I draw.

So there's my next shot fired at the Batman v Superman haters. Batman will make you bleed. You will!
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