Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Supergirl TV show

The new Supergirl TV show has been a lot of fun. Melissa Benoist is the perfect actress for the job and the stories and the effects have been top notch. I'm a fan of all DCTV, and the action in Flash and Arrow (especially season 4's 7th episode "brotherhood") has been top notch, but there's really nothing quite as fun for me to watch as a Kryptonian using their full power set. And Supergirl really delivers! Every episode always has multiple and effects intensive fight sequences.

I'm always amazed at the budget they're throwing at this show, and I'm afraid it won't last long because of the cost. But if anything they've really been cranking it up, and as a Superman/Super-family fan it's just so great for me to see.
False start. I think the Supergirl poster
that was making the rounds on the internet
is the driving inspiration for this first sketch.

Restarted the pose. I usually work one sketch layer on top of the other,
until I feel confident I can move onto digital inking. Most times, I got
back and forth between the "inks" when I'm not confident about something
 or I realize I didn't put enough details in the drawing for me to bring it to a finish.

I couldn't figure out her knee, so I took a photo reference to figure it out.

Finished character art.


It's nice that the DCTV shows run the whole spectrum of being different from each other. Supergirl is seemingly the one that can really cover a broad range of ages. Give it a shot, the first 8 episodes have been great fun. The mid season finale even has a Man of Steel homage in it's fight sequence.

That's it for the night/day. Up, up and away!
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