Monday, April 14, 2014

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 14 WIP

Tired today, but I still managed to clock in some drawing time. Some very lazy drawing time, but hey you take what you can!

I usually try to give my wife a break and take care of my daughter for most of the weekend, so weekend drawing time is almost non-existent... and are hardly restful. Not that I don't like taking care of my daughter mind you, but I do get tired out on the weekends. My 'rest' time is during the weekdays... and apparently so is my comic book drawing time.

I'm going to rely on color heavily to make this scene clearer.
All the robot silhouettes at the bottom might make it hard to read what's
going on. Hopefully the "Rrrr" text helps a little bit.

It wasn't easy to push tonight. My body was screaming for me to take a break or relax (I even indulged in some comic book reading). Still I was able to slog a couple panels out and get closer to getting this page done. Okay, time to crash! Maybe I can finish this off sometime mid-week...
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