Monday, April 07, 2014

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 14 WIP

I had to mentally "bully" myself into getting this page started.
So many distractions lately. And it's really trying to prioritize things that I'd like to do. When my baby goes to sleep my wife and I have a few hours of 'me' time. We've both found that there are SO many things we'd like to do during our baby's nap time, we end up trying to do EVERYTHING.

And doing everything, usually ends up with us not doing anything at all (freezing up since there are so many choices), or foregoing much needed sleep and trying to do it all. For me it revolves around, watching movies/ TV shows, Playing video games, Reading comics and making comics.

So to continue my momentum in getting this issue done, I've been trying to drop all those other things or really limit myself. My comic book reading habit has dropped also because comics cost so much. So lately I just cherry pick and wait for the digital sales of back issues on comixology. As for movies and TV shows, I usually have them running in the background while I work on a comic book page. Playing video games comes in odd bursts. Sometimes I'm too fried after work or my late nights, so then I push my comic book drawing aside for a day or so and allow myself some game time.

It's hard to balance it. Especially since I know how I can get if I 'relax' for one too many days in a row. I get lazy and the cycle starts over again!

Anyhow, I think I'm off to a good start with this page. I hope I can get it done by the end of this week!

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