Friday, February 17, 2012

My Comic Book: Issue 2 Cover WIP

I kinda had this idea for the second issue's cover where Kid Hotshot is standing really close to the viewer. Like a fish-eye lens shot type of thing, with the rest of the squad standing behind him. But it just wasn't working. So I kept doing more and more thumbnails, trying to get my idea to crystallize. I still don't think I'm there. However, this is what I arrived at:

initial sketch - kinda neat, but the logo area is too small

cropped it a little different and cut up the legs to force the perspective
So after that, I scanned it into Photoshop and drew on a separate layer using a red color. Once I got some of the loose linework in there, I jump over to the inking side of things. I jump from the red lines to the inks and cutting and pasting stuff to get it to the composition I'd like.

Still workin' on it...
 I'm still not sure where my composition is heading, but working digitally really loosens me up. I don't feel afraid to make a mistake. Anyway, that's enough outta me! Goodnight and God Bless.
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