Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The budding potential of webcomics

When I started doing work for videogames, I've always been so involved in keeping tabs with that industry through a number of websites. I've been doing this for a few years now and I've built up some go to sites.

What's funny is that I never did that for comic books before. It's only lately that I've been catching up on finding all sorts of websites out there, a lot are a little too fanboy-ish for me and a handful that are just fanboy enough.


Through those sites I've stumbled upon some interesting 'mutation' that comics have gone into: digital comics! I'm not as well read on this stuff as some people are out there, but it's very interesting seeing this new medium start growing and evolving. Most bother me because of the format, and honestly I am more fond of flipping through printed pages myself, but there are some that are exploring the digital medium is interesting ways.

I'm pretty much last on the scene but I wanted to share a few links on some of these that I stumbled on:

This first one's a korean horror webcomic that really utilizes the act of scrolling to immerse the viewer. Pretty cool little gimmick. There's no need to understand it, it's still pretty readable. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the person or the studio that did this one, sorry!

Scroll down, down down!
This next one's by Vincent Giard. I like his art style, and storytelling but he also adds to his sequence with some cool motion to enhance it.

Vincent Giard

Turbo defiant Kimecan by Feran Daniel makes the viewer click to get panels to show up in the order they should be viewed. I'm not too big of a fan of all the clicking to read a sequence, and I kinda like being able to see the whole sequence altogether, but it does present certain interesting things, that are almost manually controlled storyboards.

Feran Daniel

This last one's pretty neat. I think I liken it to being the pop-up book equivalent of web comics. It's called "never mind the bullets" by a studio called Steaw Web Design. Cool use of parallax scrolling (brings out the inner video game nerd in me), to reveal some things or even play motion forwards and backwards.

Microsoft and Steaw Web Design

I'm really quite a traditionalist when it comes to making comics, but seeing these webcomics definitely opens my mind up to it's untapped possibilites. It's all very exciting to me! I can't wait to see what new stories and storytelling techniques pop up.

Until the next post, the neverending battle continues!

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