Thursday, July 24, 2014

A quick break from my comic book...

I've slowed down on my productivity with my comic book this past week to work on a side project. It was my niece's birthday party this past weekend, and my sister-in-law requested I draw an Olaf (from Frozen) poster for a pin-the-nose-on-the-snowman game.

I sketched out a quick pencil under-layer then started to ink it with a sharpie. However, I quickly switched to some sumo brush pens that I had. The sharpies weren't reacting well to the paper (the back of a glossy calendar) and the pencil lead for some reason. 

I then cut out a bunch of noses out of construction paper and just left it black and white.

There were somewhere around 12 kids there, and it was a blast to see the kids having fun and lining up to play the game. It's certainly a good feeling to have kids enjoying something I made.

I took a picture of the aftermath of the game. Not bad kids!

The neverending battle continues on!
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