Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wondercon 2009 Day 1

I survived day 1 of the Wondercon! Whoo! Pretty cool to be on the other side of the table, but also pretty tiring! I took a few pictures:

Here's my Wondercon Beef Brisket Breakfast from this hole in the wall restaurant around my neighborhood. Yum! See my name tag? It says 'Exhibitor'! Oooooooo...

Here's a shot of a shirt I had made of Bombgirl from my book to promote my Comic Book.

Here's me having a total dork out at the beginning of the day over by my area.

It was pretty cool to have people drop by and say they like the book. I think my favorite moments were when I'd catch people do a double take and actually stop and look at the book. Even if they didn't buy it, there's a certain sense of satisfaction to know the Bomb Squad was able to attract attention. Especially in a place where everything else is asking for attention!

I think it was good that I changed the name to "The Bomb Squad" rather than "Bombgirl". When I heard someone else say it (someone I didn't know), it sounded nice to hear it. A little shout out to my buddy Roque for suggesting I alter the the title a little!

I shared a booth with Ghostbot and their producer extraordinair, Corrine Lau, hooked Ghostbot up with a goodie bag, filled with food and water for the day. And she also made one for me too! Thanks Corrine! And the best part of the goodie bag? Everything in it was "Ghostbotted"! Awesome!

Whew! I am beat! Day 2 here I come! Good night and God Bless!
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