Thursday, December 27, 2007

Churros, Burgers and uh... Christmas Bread!

I didn't get a chance to post during Christmas, so a belated Merry Christmas from The Neverending Battle to you! I'm currently spending the night over at my sister's house and am absolutely taking advantage of the faster computer she has to update my blog.

A lot of things have been going on since my last post... mainly eating! I've already gained a good 5 pounds since I've been here, so I'm going to have to limit my eating a bit so I don't end up like the Blob. Though I have to admit it's hard to do so when I know I won't be able to eat again until the next time I come back to the Philippines.

My mom, my sister and I had lunch at this filipino restaurant called "Dulcinea". They have some good food there, but the real draw for us was the dessert: "Churros". Unlike the versions I can find in San Francisco, the Churros in the Philippines are usually not as sugary and served with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The churros are crisp and light while the hot chocolate compliments it being nice and thick. The chocolate flavor is pure, so it's not too sweet (but it's not exactly dark chocolate either). Take my word for it, it's great!

I went with my nephew and my Brother to Manila's International Port in my last post. My brother finished work at around 1:30 AM that night and we had all forgotten to eat dinner. So we went to another great place I loved when I was a kid. It was this fast food place called "Tropical Hut". The burgers filipinos are accustomed to are unlike the burgers served in the states. We usually add a little bit of a "sweeter" flavor to our burgers. I honestly can't quite describe it, maybe it has a pork flover to it? Sugar? I dunno. But I'm not sure if foreigners would take to it. But hey, if you're in the Philippines give it a shot! It's a burger that I always crave when I come back home. I remember I kinda had to get used to the 'blander' taste of Burgers (I suppose that's actually the 'real' beef flavor) when I first came to the states. Anyways, I love Tropical Hut hamburgers!

Okay, my Brother knows I'm craving some old school 'filipino' food. Mainly the stuff I grew up with. For some reason, it's stuck in my head when my brother took me to this bakery in our area and he bought me this bread and soda (soda bottles cost money so usually back then the soda was poured into a plastic bag!).The bread has this red sweet stuff in it; what it's made out of I have no idea. Anyways, my Brother had some of this bread sent to our house the other day. It's called a very peculiar name: "Pan de Regla". Pan is bread. Now, Regla in Tagalog means a woman's period.


So, I guess that red sweet stuff is kinda like the color of when a woman menstruates. Yum. I double checked with my family just to see if maybe I just knew the slang and didn't know what it was really called, but that's what they know it as! My mom decided to give bread a little dignity and dubbed it: "Christmas Bread". Anyway, my mom sliced it up and served it with this great cheese that you can only get in Philadelphia. It was a great combination.

Okay, our comic segment for this post comes in the form of DC comics presents number 48. It features Superman and Aquaman fighting thise alien race of octopi that can go toe-to-toe against Aquaman's marine controling powers (yes really). It's also got a sequence of Aquaman and Superman fighting (of course) and Superman being controlled by Aquaman while the man of steel was unconscious (I had no idea he could do that).

But the real draw of this book comes in the form of the back-up story featuring the Black Pirate. When ever I come back home I find I become increaqsingly curious as to the state of Filipino comics past and present. I buy a bunch of locally produced comic books, good or bad, just to see what kind of stuff we can produce. I only started getting interested in filipino comics when I came back from the states after college. I've been trying to catch up ever since. So when I noticed that the Black Pirate back up story was done by a filipino, it tickled my fancy. The artist in question is none other than Alfredo Alcala. Mr. Alcala was one of the filipino talents that migrated to the states way back when. He's got an amazing sense of light and composition. He's and amazing draftsman and absolutely awesome with pen and ink. His stuff is astounding.
I've always felt bad that I never was influenced by the old filipino "Komiks" guys when I was growing up. I feel I've been influenced by so much Western comics, that I'm not connected to the evolution of filipino comics. Their sense of anatomy and linework is just something distinctly filipino and it's something that I lack. Sigh. Anyways, I can always just keep drooling over their stuff until it hopefully seeps into my own! That's it for tonight! God Bless you all and Good night!
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