Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm going to have to interrupt our regularly scheduled geektacular posts, because I have just gotten a pretty hefty piece of letterage in the mail. So, if you're squeamish with people talking about God, then you may wish to back out of this post, because there'll be nothing but praising coming out of me today, o-boy o-boy! Today, marks a pretty big occasion in my life. A milestone, really.

Today, I got my Green Card!

Let me just state that when I say : "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

I cannot possibly enter enough "O's" and exclamation points to reflect my joy at finally placing my mitts on this piece of plastic!

I am a permanent resident. I am a permanent resident!

It has been a long wait. Technically, I've been waiting and applying for a Green Card for around 4 years. But as a friend of mine stated, that's not taking into account the trust I've had to build with the company that sponsored me. So basically? It's been a good seven year wait.

I am so very very thankful to God right now, it's not even funny! There have been some pretty trying times placed in my way with the application process. Many times where it seemed if I did not compromise my values, I would not get the card. Many times I was afraid of the uncertainty of it all, and many times I found myself giving in to defeat.

But God held it all in his hands. He always assured me that it would be His will that would be done, no matter what the outcome. He pointed me straight and kept my head up to keep focusing on Him and Him alone. As a Christian, it's His will that I need to make sure is the center of my life. He constantly been reminding me that He's only going to give me the very best and nothing less. Granted, I may not know what the best is for myself most of the time (!)... but He does.

I remember one point in the application process, I actually found myself running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! I was so confused, rattled and just plain ol' stupid that time. Thankfully, He'd shake me out of it, reminding me to keep my pessimism and my doubt in check. He is always there, ready to pick me back up when I stumble and fall.

I cannot forget this day. I cannot dare to forget this day.

I've been clinging onto a simple pair of Bible verses I stumbled onto recently. They've given me comfort in times when life just makes me want to tear my hair out. The hair tearing, by the by, is from other things in life as well, and not just the Green Card! Anyways, the verses go like this:

"But I call to God,
and the Lord saves me.
Evening, morning and noon
I cry out in distress
and He hears my voice."

-Psalm 55:16-17

I' ve always liked the second line "and the Lord saves me" and the last line "and He hears my voice". Me! He saves me! He hears me! Dorky ol' me! Thank you Lord! Thank you very much for hearing my voice! Thank you.

Good night to you all, and God Bless you as amazingly as He has me.

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