Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some Sketches

Well 2007's San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and alas, I couldn't make it down there this year! I'll just be living vicariously through the boys at Ghostbot as they post up some of the cool swag they picked up on their blog! It's been busy at work lately and I've found that the more stressful work gets the more of comics and toys I buy! This week specially, has been me compensating for not being able to go down to the con, so I picked up 100+ dollars worth of just various comic book (and not-so comic book) stuff! My brain must've figured since I couldn't go to the con, I'll just make my own con up here! Minus, of course, all the cool stuff that happens at the con! Sigh...
Anyway for this post I'm just going to put up some stuff I drew on my own time while I was going through some reference material for work. I did this awhile back when I actually still had my own time outside of work! I kinda liked how some of the faces turned out, and maybe once I finish my current comic book, I'll try to explore this style further for my next comic book title. Uhhh, I'd better finish this batch of books first before I start daydreaming about the next one though, huh?

I'll try to post up some of the stuff I picked up on my binge in my next entry. While some are fairly cool, a bunch of it's just me... buying stuff for buying's sake! My wallet's not digging that! Not cool! Until next time! God Bless!

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