Wednesday, March 02, 2016

My Comic: Issue 3 Pages 2 and 3 Final colors

Just a quick post for this super early morning. I need to get to sleep! Finished up the colors for the opening splash page of issue #3 of The Bomb Squad. The "color artist me" is so angry at the "penciler me" for drawing so many stupid trees and buildings on this page...

The first pass of colors was just me blocking in the basic colors. I didn't
have the .PSDs of the previous issue, so I just eyeballed the colors.

A few more tweaks on colors and I started to add shadows.
I matched the colors of the trees to what I had them colored in issue #2,
but I wasn't too sure about it being such a blue hue... I switched it to a yellower-green color to brighten it up a bit.
I colored in the second panel a bit as well as the Megaphone shadows.
Slow and steady!

Final colors! Whew. Added a bluer shadow
for the trees to try to bring it back it it's original hue.
This thing took a looong time for me to do. Longer than what I wanted at least! Considering how fast I can usually color my comic book pages, this took forever. All the detail on this splash page really made it tedious applying the colors. But I like how it's ended up so far... 

That's it for this morning. Time to sleep!
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