Friday, August 28, 2020

My Comic Book: Issue 4 Page 2: Thumbnails, sketch and final Inks

 The second page of issue #4 has been inked! I wrestled with the set up of this page and it was a little complicated before, but fortunately I was able to simplify it and actually tell a lot more story but with less panels. If you want to see more behind the scenes stuff, check out the youtube episode for the process video and me giving some love to Jack “The King” Kirby. Just in time for his birthday too! Happy Birthday to the king!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

My Comic Book: Coloring Issue #4, Page 1

    Here are the final colors for the first page of issue 4. And just like that, I feel like the fourth issue is already well under way. As long as I play mind games on myself to keep moving one 'foot' in front of the other, I am hoping to keep up a steady output of pages until I'm done.

     The page is all in monochrome; so the main thing I do is make the focus have the lightest shade. Sometimes, the lightest shade is all around the panels, but for the most part it seems to be working. So panels 1 and 2 is on the dollar sign. 3 and 4 go to some of the dollar sign, but also the face and the hands holding the bag and gun. Panel 5 is mostly on the gunshots. And lastly, panel 6 is mainly on the 'radio signal' coming from the walkie-talkie.

    I like blocking out large amounts of blacks in my work to direct the eye and to make my compositions, especially in the inking stage. I don't think I primarily think in color when I'm making my art (at least not nowadays). So I make sure that everything looks good and is working at the black and white stage. By the time I'm coloring, it can still kinda work without too much color or rendering going on.

    For the Bomb Squad comics, the colors are very simple, but I to use it to direct the reader's eye to what I want them to focus on. Because it's simpler, I'm also able to move a little faster in finishing off pages. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to noodle the page too much. Because adding more colors might actually work against the simple style that's already been set.

    If you want to see more details on a part of the process, here's the Comix Rant YouTube episode:

    That's it for this post. Page 1 is in the bag!   

Friday, July 31, 2020

My Comic Book: Inking Issue #4, Page 1

I finished up the inking on the first page of The Bomb Squad #4! Feels nice to get this done, now I just have to ride the momentum until it's all finished! Check out the episode here for a bit more of my thoughts on the process.

Here's a better look at the stages that I usually take from thumbnails to tighter sketch then finally to finished inks.


Rough sketch

Final inks

It’s strange because when I started my comic, it was somewhat a gut reaction to September 11th. And now as I post this, it seems it’s looking rather relevant to issues we face today in the United States. 

And it’s totally a coincidence! This has been brewing in my head for years, but it’s only now I got to sit down and do it. My comic is just a simple adventure of a bomb squad doing their best to thwart evil terrorists from destroying the city. I’m not even trying to make a social statement, but with the climate of the US nowadays even my simple bank robbing heist page seems to take on some deeper, serious meaning!

Don’t worry, it’s not, it’s just your usual comic book bank robbery! BUT... if I can pull this story off right, it might take on a more hopeful tone!

Onto the colors!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Gunman Animated!

And that clip I've been working on as a promo for my Inktober comic is done! Gunman! Is! Here! It was very fun working on this in Procreate, but now, I really should be working on actual comics!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Youtube Channel

So I've been doing a few process videos lately, and posting them up onto Youtube. Here's the link if you guys are interested in hearing me talk about it more that reading it like this blog does.

Comix Rant

Comment, Like and Subscribe as they all say in the YouTubes! I will try to see if I can post some process drawings on here as well. It's one thing to see the video, but I personally like looking at images of people's roughs as well.
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